Get To Know Me: Persimmon

The eighth year of local music festival, VanFest, is taking place on Saturday, August 25 at Royal Arch Masonic Park in Maple Valley. To celebrate the little fest that could, we're spending the next two months highlighting the bands playing VanFest 8. Today, get to know Seattle artist Persimmon.

i grew up listening to whatever was most conducive for reading, which as it turns out, means radiohead and an overabundance of lana del rey. i began listening to heavier music while playing in ugly punk bands with names like “the fuzzy cocks” but realized that i couldn’t properly channel a chris cornell-brand anger if all of my emotions always converted into sadness.

under the moniker persimmon, i’ve returned to a sad boy style of singing while keeping the downtunings i had found trying to cover songs off of badmotorfinger, vocals suspended over an almost sludgy guitar landscape like star stickers stuck over a grainy photo of the smoggy LA skyline.

daniel johnson approached me after i played a solo set with polaroid photos of the performance. three weeks and like four practices later, we found ourselves recording lamplight. we finished it in two twelve hour sessions that concluded with me passing out exhausted on the couch while they were still banging on the drums downstairs.

here are some pretty songs that i like to put on repeat and cry to (aka influences for lamplight):

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