Babes Around Town

LOOK AT ALL THAT SUN COMING OUR WAY! If you aren't headed to the Timber! fest this weekend we've got plenty to keep you busy here in town--

What To Do This Weekend

Thursday 7/12:

At Neumos

Sleeping Lessons / Dreamcatchr / Sundog

At the Crocodile

Phoebe Bridgers

At the True Love Art Gallery

Gettin' Ghibli With It

Friday 7/13:

At the Woodland Park Xoo

Velvet Q/Not Amused/WerTHLESS/Maya Marie And Band

At Conor Byrne Pub

Moon Darling (Tour kick-off), Brother Dege, Shark Legs

At Benaroya Hall

Star Wars: A New Hope In Concert

At Clockout Lounge

The Intelligence//The Fall-Outs//Tissue

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UNfest 2018

UNFEST is a Multi-genre experimental fest in Seattle, it's growth from basement room floors to multi facted venues has been amazing to watch as a fan of the festival. UNFEST is like any other event in WA because it pays attention to one thing only- the music. Curated carefully UNFEST brings you the new dogs, not the under.--SASHA

Saturday 7/14:

At Nairport

Strawberry Mountain / Save Bandit / Screech / EViE at Nairport

At Inscape Arts

Audioasis on KEXP Presents: The Bash//5th Annual

At Marymoor

Sylvan Esso

At Judkins Park

Tuffest 2018

At Woodland Theater

Summer Show with Raven Hollywood, Anime Creek, Real Guy, Panx

At West Seattle Summer Fest

Shannon and the Clams

At Hot Yoga:

Channel Beads/Yufi 64/Power Strip/Bunky Hampton/Smooch

My good friends Bobby and Morgan are playing as Smooch alongside some great acts!--JULIA

Sunday 7/15:

At Mural Amphitheater

Lyft Fest 2