Review: Dirty Projectors - 'Lamp Lit Prose'

By the end of Lamp Lit Prose, one thing is clear: David Longstreth has a keen sense of irony because nothing about this album is prosaic. Longstreth claims that he’s more concerned with words’ vowel sounds than lyrical content. So, to get the most out of Lamp Lit Prose, you need to get your paws on the actual words that go with Longstreth’s trademark phonetic poetry. The lyrics do snipe at the offender in chief, as heard on the latest single from Prose, “That’s a Lifestyle.” Longstreth calls out the glib elite who will do anything for a Senator’s favor, a favor that might keep guns near schools and on campuses, as well as lifestyle brands and their targets.

Musically, the signature uncanny weirdness that Longstreth magically conjures goes from end to end: tethered male and female vocalized samples as well as meter changes start 50 seconds into the record. Layered songs wi