Review: Raven Hollywood - "Lonely Heart Club" Video

With one of his newest music videos, Seattle-based artist and 69/50 artist collective co-founder Raven Matthews, who currently performs under the name Raven Hollywood, brings a brief, brooding peek into the one and only member of the “Lonely Heart Club”—himself.

For someone in the scene who effortlessly has the “look,” but doesn’t have the time or energy to sugarcoat the truth about what it took to get there, this music video is a must-see: co-directed by photographer Roman Rivera and film producer Kellen Howe, this minute-and-a-half long video captures the aesthetic, atmosphere, and attitude of Matthews’ music.

Accompanied by solemn guitar strumming, Matthews’ lyrics spare no hint at his desire to escape the monotony of a “normal” life, but not without pointing out the fakes and liars first: “I wanna ride around/ I wanna lose my mind and never be found/ I see my enemies/ They smile so nice when I come around.”

Although most of the video is in a white-to-off-white palette, details like Matthews’ stick-and-poke tattoos, his waifu tee, and a very cute, furry costar provide pops of detail that stand out against the otherwise sleek set. Things may look pretty, but Matthews isn’t here to sing a pretty song—he’s here to provide an honest one.


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