Drunk At A Show: The Round

L to R. onstage Jason McCue, Sarah Feinberg, Tim Wilson

The 158th edition of The Round featured a roster of Seattle-area-based musicians hand-selected by Steven Graham, host of 107.7FM’s “Locals Only” show.

The Round is a monthly event organized by the Fremont Abbey Arts Center every second Tuesday of the month. The individual musicians all share the stage. Each plays one song (the other musicians may participate or accompany) and then there’s “another round.” Between rounds, a spoken-word artist performs. Amid this loop of spontaneous music and oration, a local painter live-paints to the side of the stage.

While Jana Kaye Gering placed lines and turpentine mixture that would become a humming bird, Tim Wilson, Sarah Feinberg, and Jason McCue played rounds of brave and alluring neo-folk (accompanied by lap steel guitarist Jamison Dewlen and pianist/vocalist Torry Anderson), punctuated by spoken-word artist Sharon Nyee Williams’ righteous calls for self-love in a fucked up world.