Capitol Hill Block Party 2018

Photos by: Daniel Tobler-Johnson

This year's Capitol Hill Block Party may be over but this years festival definitely found it's roots along the way. Take a look into Day 3 and the highlights of the festival.

Chong the Nomad brought it to the Vera Project stage. Using cutting edge beats and live harmonica the crowd physically could not handle how dope this set was. Watching Chong the Nomad perform reminded me of Capitol Hill Block Party's roots, giving budding musicians a chance and a stage to showcase their talent.

PSA's has been a mythological pop-star among the Seattle music scene until this weekend they put on a performance festival goers will not forget. Giving us a taste of what's to come.

Steal Shit Do Drugs. It was loud, it was raw and it was just what tired festival goers needed to wake up and get going. Their energy is something special- creating a great atmosphere.

Watching La Fonda is like seeing your best friends up on stage. Everyone in the audience is so welcoming and just so proud of one another. There upbeat tunes just adds to the moment.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra is one of the bands that even people from Bellevue somehow know and love just as much as that hipster outside The Runaway chain smoking loves. It just goes to show how special the festival experience can be by bringing unlikely music lovers together.

I got sprayed by security with a hose, threw my hands up for Otter Pops and for the beats, didn't drink any water (sorry liver) and roamed the festivals grounds secret gems. Safe to say this year's Capitol Hill Block Party was a success.

Of course I miss the days of $20 entry days and lesser crowds. But it's been interesting watching Seattle's music scene grow and it's festivals grow with it. This year's lineup seemed to mirror the scenes growth and ever changing neighborhood. Local up and comers got a chance to prove themselves and local legends welcomed back.

As any loyal fan I'll be there next year, soaking in the roots that make Capitol Hill Block party special and welcoming the changes that make it. For better or worse baby.

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