DAAS: Weep Wave/Tiger Rider/Richie Daggers Crime/Cheap Sweat

If you were at Chop Suey on Wednesday July 11 at 8pm sharp you would have caught Richie Dagger’s Crime (psychedelic rock rave), Cheap Sweat (basement punk), Tiger Rider (no sex powerpop), and everyone’s favorite, Weep Wave.

Although Richie Dagger’s Crime were down a few members that evening, the set-up included drum machine, violin, a Korg synth, sampling, looping, reverb, delay.... Setting out in drone rock territory, the final jam turned a big corner from Animal Collective indie rock grooves to full-on rave rock complete with two-note bassline.

The violin-mic-stand dismantled, three-piece punk rocker outfit Cheap Sweat played economic and inspired jams. The songs were focused homages to the terse, aggressive songs by their late 70s predecessors. Memorable hit of the eve (“Machine”) was a song about frustration with inhuman interactions today. “I’m your friend it said to me. I’m just a friend and nothing more” (it being the machine.)

Four-piece Tiger Rider listed woes that included the alluring convenience of isolation against a bacchanal of emo pop punk. In your face saccharine guitar riffs (à la “say it ain’t soo-oo-oo”), soaring male-female vocal harmonies and sharp everyday feelings.

Weep Wave. Just three dudes playing weird longer punk songs with cool breaks. Wild psychedelic show feat. bass, guitar and drums. They are headed underground to produce recorded music so this is the last Weep Wave show until they re-emerge from the primeval soup of Isaac Brock’s proverbial belly button with some tracks.

“Let me tell you about a time when I was young

And in my prime I used to spend all my time inside

They put distractions in my face

and every time of the day

this must be what it means to be

The evil ones they wear disguise

they know exactly what you like

the evil ones they wear disguise and the sun does not realize

I’m your friend it said to me. I’m just a friend and nothing more”

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