Premiere: Richie Dagger's Crime - "Just A Little Bit"

Richie Nelson is a perfectionist. The Seattle-by-way-of-Chicago musician has spent years creating music under the moniker Richie Dagger’s Crime but it was only a couple years ago that he turned the project into a full band and started toiling away at his debut album. That album will finally see the light of day this fall, but before it drops, Nelson has shared a new single version of “Just A Little Bit.” The song goes back almost 3 years and appeared on last year’s Tenderness EP but Nelson isn’t appeased, and for good reason. The song is a total bop. Featuring vocals from local electronic musician Coreena, horns from Future Fridays/Hangry Hayrabs/Devotchka’s Eric Padget and guitar from Aslan Rife of Honey Moon Tree, the track jives and soars in a sultry, soulful way. If Nelson wants to re-release it four more times just to make sure everyone has heard this jam of a track, I wouldn’t blame him! Alongside the re-release of the original is a new band version, an instrumental version, and a remix of the song by electronic producer and freelance writer Andrew Gospe. An EP of remixes of the track is slated for release later this year.