Get To Know Me: Julia

At DMM we obviously adore music. But you're probably wondering how we got here? What songs and artists have inspired our deep love affair with music? Well in this series you get to learn the tunes that have made such an impact on us that they are a defining feature of who we are. Today, we Get To Know a bit about our summer intern Julia.

Now you might not think Craig Finn and Lizzo belong on the same playlist, and you'd probably be right about that.

I guess I started constructing my playlist with the intent of creating one, cohesive & flowing DJ-eske tracklist, but somewhere along the way I just found myself adding stuff that makes me cry when it comes on in the car instead.

I’m from the midwest you see, and while I don’t get to drive while in Seattle, I find that I’ve had some of the most musically powerful moments while driving around the sunkist midwest during summers/winters home. I think the thing has gotten even more powerful now, that I don’t get to visit home as much anymore.

Seattle has also surely done it’s part to expand my tastes too, as I’ve been fortunate enough to work in college radio and at KEXP as an assistant DJ for the lovely DJ Abbie for the last three years of living here. Add this to the classic college parties, heartbreaks, and road trips and you’ve got quite the cocktail my friends.

SO! I hereby present to you this messy-ass playlist full of songs that have made me happy cry, nostalgic cry, think of sun and good things, or get me through the pains of your classic college breakups n heartache.

Some highlights may include:

John Prine-- “In Spite of Ourselves”, or the greatest love song ever made

Animal Collective-- “My Girls”, or the song my sweet roommate would play on our shared little red guitar as I tried my darndest to draw something resembling what it was supposed to.

Sufjan Stevens-- “Chicago”, or the quintessential moment of highschool friendship celebrated singing at a festival in Wisconsin with a tank-top clad Suf right before we all parted ways for college.

Tallest Man on Earth-- “Love is All”, or the other greatest love song ever made.

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