Get To Know Me: Drama Bahama

The eighth year of local music festival, VanFest, is taking place on Saturday, August 25 at Royal Arch Masonic Park in Maple Valley. To celebrate the little fest that could, we're spending the next two months highlighting the bands playing VanFest 8. Today, get to know self-proclaimed dirt pop/trash opera band Drama Bahama.

"This mix is a collection of songs that have and continue to inspire me. I think the most exciting part about this mix is how unpleasant it would be to listen to it through, but maybe if you did how nice you might feel after. It has no predictability or over arching theme. Just an assortment, a lot like life, maybe a lot like the music I make. But each facet is full of wildness, rich in my own history of the song. Starting with an early 1900's version of La Bamba an incredible classic that has inspired both my own song writing and probably most pop musicians all the way to some early Arab On Radar noise punk from providence. What you might find in many of these songs is a lust for the mystery of life and death. I really like that topic. If you want to turn me on and get close to my emotional musical root, talk about the mystery, the wonder and the magic of it all. " - Nathie (Drama Bahama)

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