Premiere: PSA - "GHOST" Music Video

PSA debut's their latest single 'GHOST' a music video filled with cheeky choreography and throwback vibes. Watch the powerful anthem and get ready to cheer along. You won't be able to get this song out of your head.

Popstar Ariel has jumped head first into the ever growing music scene and is here to show Seattle what they've got. The bop known as 'GHOST' is an upbeat call for your inner boss bitch who knows what they want. With the force of power- willing to cut you out faster than you can guessed it. GHOST. The videos forward nature also has a quirky cute side don't mistake that for weakness though.

Attitude is riddled and wrapped around the entire track oozing over into the music videos vision. Striking poses and colors PSA's gang of cheerleaders aren't taking any sh*t. The Bring It On vibes makes for such a classic campy storyline- but with PSA flair. Imagery of empowerment is rampant in the video making this music video a bold punch. Starring local songstress and creator Taylar Elizza Beth, writer Raven Taylor, educator and consultant Aimee Powell-Twagirumukiza and music curator Sasha Gonzalez. PSA's cheerleader crew is a powerful range of bosses echoing PSA's anthem. When someone crosses the line chances are this crew is gone.

PSA's cleverness isn't just tied into their lyrics it's visually alluring. From the coy looks and quip laughter you can't help but rally while watching. Put those cheer poses to use and post up. PSA's debut music video was a knockout and if this an example of what to except then get ready for the next knock out round.

Enough of my stanning see the video for yourself- it's one for the books.

Don't miss PSA singing 'GHOST' live at their Debutante EP Release Gala. Gold Bar Seattle will be hosting the popstar and friends (you're invited xo) for a performance not to be missed. Oh did I champagne and hors d'oeuvre throughout the night to enjoy? Yeah, that too.

Listen to go 'GHOST' on Spotify as well!

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