Happy Birthday Losers! Sub Pop's 30th

Salty Seattle gathered together on Alki Beach to celebrate record label Sub Pop's 30th birthday party. In true DMM fashion we showed up to watch some of our favorite's with bottles of rose in hand. And yes- before you judge we did sneak them in. Gotta stay true to your roots, right?

Moaning was a treat. Goofy stage antics and rambunctious fans made for a classic mosh sesh. Minus the whole basement and add in the whole sand beneath your vans thing.

Metz killed it. Though that is my favorite term (ever read my writing?) they truly did. Bringing a heightened energy to the space. The crowd huddled tightly, ready to throw down despite the scorching heat burning layers of skin through black hoodies.

Clipping ruled the Flippity Flop stage, getting fans and friends hyped for the hiphop set. It was the perfect midday snack- Diggs reciting in front of an electric crowd. I sloshed back and forth like the waves next to us, tummy full of rose and hands up for the party.

Icons Mudhoney washed over us all with such a warm welcome. Watching them you couldn't help but want more. The awe of them shocked you. As you fell more into the set you can't help but want to hear of their adventures and see with your own eyes the stories written on their person.

Wolf Parade didn't hold back. The rumors are true folks- they are terrifying in the best kinda way. Striking loud and talented they put on a show.

Beach House was pure magic. First of all Beach House on a beach. I mean what else could you want? Add the sun was setting behind them with their original croons and synths. It was like melting into the ground.

Father John Misty...what else can be said about the alluring and sassy daddy I mean father, that hasn't been said before? Walking out suave his lyrics and band echoed the same overtly cool guy vibes he is known for.

Sub Pop's 30th was an entire success. The birthday celebration is a great reminder of what musics true purpose is, and thats joining together to support and uplift people in our arts community. Do Sub Pop's legacy proud and don't forget about your DIY spaces and members around Seattle creating art everyday.

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