Premiere: Daym - LSTN

Here we are, mid-August, welcoming the newest addition to the greater body of Seattle-based recording artist Daym. “LSTN” is a strange, chugging mix of post-disco glam excitement. The artist goes through multiple eras of synth sounds with tasty background bass lines, it sounds like blended outer space. The guitar and bass lines, along with the smooth vocals sound like the lovechild of Michael Jackson and Alex Turner. The lyrics wax some type way in a diatribe about how the other party’s propensity not to listen demotivates the singer from sharing their feelings, and their fear and shame around others. We’ve all been there, but it’s never been this funky.

The song is a big step out from the material Daym has been making up till now; a mixture of low-cal dub influenced club music. Listen, and watch the way sick video below:


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