Drunk At A Show: Cafe Red 1-Year Anniversary Party

The Cafe Red one year anniversary show on August 4th was a good indicator of the venue’s growth and involvement in the local community. The bill was a super fun local lineup with Nic Masangkay, ENS, Son the Rhemic, Julie-C, Erskine, Fantasy A, Charlie Cash, MadShroom MC, Acacia The Queen, and Da Qween. The show attendance appeared to be up from past shows and the locals, and local favorites, seemed to represent in healthy numbers despite the fact that the show had a strict ten o'clock shut off and plenty of competition for show goers evening plans with concerts like Talib Kweli and others to choose from. This was a well curated show and even though these performers are all very different the show flowed well and the crowd seemed invested in each performance. In the year since Cafe Red began they expanded their menu from coffee and you can purchase beer and wine at the after hour shows at fairly reasonable prices for Seattle. The show began relatively on time but there was not enough time for all the performers to perform their full sets, the new apartment building behind the venue has cut down on the amount of concerts being held there due to the need to shut the sound down at ten. I really enjoyed the sets from Charlie Cash and Nic Masangkay including a duet performed with Son the Rhemic. Nic Masangkay gave a great upbeat performance, their work showcased pop beats with meaningful lyrics that inspire while making the listener think. Nic has described their own work as “trauma pop” but really the powerful messages about desirability politics, gender identity, and living in diaspora just make their music all the more relatable, relevant, and thought provoking. All the performers had energetic and engaging performances that really kept the event moving forward in a positive direction. A fun filled and fairly family friendly evening was had by all.

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