Premiere: Richie Dagger's Crime - "Living In A Magazine"

Summer and the dreamy feels of California all come in to collide on this brilliantly composed psychedelic-retro dance number.

"Living in a Magazine" is a fun summer song that offers a dance-y, yet introspective ride, as we the dancer and listener peruse a poignantly crafted social commentary on our experience and forced relationship with tabloid culture, media and the illusion-based sphere of marketed lifestyle branding.

The sweeping chorus of "All I want is a glimpse of that sunshine" exemplifies the allure, that dream, of all the feels, and all of the goods, that bring us to the media store in the first place; but more importantly, our need for something real to hold on to. Though deep in analytics, its production and writing wrap up the heart of the song well: rooting the dance of the music in our purist sense of desire for the dreamy, for the well deserved, and those things of high imagination.

The single’s soaring vocals, assisted by Seattle to Berlin abode, Coreena, combined by Eric Padget's jazz influenced Cornet, and the bombastic drums of Josh McClung, create a distinctive chorus line, and a brilliant pause and strip down effect, achieving a seamless transition without muting the song, that highlights the the incredible reach and strength of the words.

Richie Dagger's Crime is sure to make you dance and think with this next single and the record to come. Catch all the feels at their Sea of Dysfunction Album Performance show at the Sunset, on Thursday October 11th 2018.


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