DAAS: Red Bull Music Presents Night Shift x Chapel Sound

In which neither parties are hostile, but actually just chill and want to share deep house cuts, Red Bull Music Academy acted as third-party negotiator between sister city DJ crews: Night Shift (Seattle) and Chapel Sound (Vancouver). The party also happened to take place on the Hiyu, a ferry that formerly operated by the state of Washington for years before being the kickass rentable nautical venue it is today.

At 2:15pm on a recent August Sunday, the Hiyu heaved anchor and by 2:30, a group of fably dressed club kids were already showing us the dancefloor to beats courtesy of Night Shift rep DJ Melenie. Having established a breezy, DJ Melenie’s Vancouver associate DJ Niña Mendoza hopped on deck (literally, ha) and spun a set’s worth of chill female-fronted 90’s RnB laced with contemporary no-fuss boogie.

As the Hiyu chugged its way up Lake Union, Seattle’s DJ Canh Solo threw down onthe Hiyu’s floating turf. DJ Cahn Solo literally did not stop moving (except to posegenially for a photo), he was so busy scratching and dropping Rihanna on Zhané(“Hey Mr. DJ”). As one of the most versatile DJ’s of the day, DJ Cahn Solo managed to squeeze in a verse or two from Kendrick Lamar.

Next up, WSUPTIGER (Van), dressed in head-to-toe violet, induced some brain melts with a slightly harsher, Chicago house sound, meditating on an outrageous beat before duly bringing in the divas (Mariah!), to the crowd’s just appreciation. The Hiyu had just chugged through the cut toward and we were on our victory lap toward SLU, Red Bull-inspired tiki drinks still flowing, when DJ Hedspin (Vancouver) took to the stage, fresh off an Asian tour, to finish off the day with a set of (more) classic (ware)house music.

When you embark on a trip to da club, goalz at the top of your list might includelosing touch with time or responsibility. As DJ Hedspin started the last set of the day, the approaching Space Noodle cast a skinny metaphorical bummer shadow on the revelers. The fatalism of 4:30pm on a Sunday was the enemy that we were there to subdue in numbers (the boat was sold out). People were still dancing, but others used DJ Hedspin’s sophisticated set to hang out, sip their last sips and check out allthe amazing outfits: DIY multi-colored daisies painted on white kicks? Yes, please; XXL rugby shirt with no pants?? So on time.

Even once we were moored and the music was over, the boat rocked with a new excitement as the cool kids used the ten or so minutes required to lawfully berth the boat to pose for snaps with their respective squads, white sneaks blazing under the August sun.

That’s how you kill a post-SPF 30 Sunday afternoon, kids... house music, a nautical vessel of some kind, and a couple shots of rum (cocktail umbrella optional).

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