Virgo Season Playlist

This summer has been brutal. From the beginning the season has been uncomfortably warm, which reaches a head as Smoke from wildfires clouds the air and gives the sun and moon the murderous, end-of-days look of the landscapes of Charn. Leo season takes the summer with it as it burns out in literal smoke and flames. Football season starts. Summers’ pulse is taken and it is determined it doesn’t have a lot of time left.

The sky gets cooler at night. We walk home from the bar at midnight wishing we had a sweatshirt, and remembering how long it has been since we felt like that. We go home and tipsily organize out living space and start prepping our breakfast for the morning when we would usually pass out with a bag of flamin hots from the corner store. What are we doing? How is the coolness making us this collected? Why do we keep making our bed this consistently? Fear not honeys, you’re not going insane and the sun has not burnt out any of your brain cells. It’s merely the beginning of Virgo season.

Virgo energy is famous predominantly for its togetherness, cleanliness, organization, caring, and practicality. Virgo is the thriftiest sign in the Zodiac, sometimes to a fault. The Virgo cliche has them bleaching their bathrooms twice a week, and when they are not doing that they wheel about casting character judgement on everyone who is not themselves, and worrying, worrying, constantly worrying about everything there is to worry about. In life and in action, the Virgo is much more complex. Virgos keep their secrets and selves close to the chest, but if you know them well enough and gain their trust and an entrance point into their inner circle, their loyalty and care for you will amaze and inspire, and their aggression toward any threat to you and their unit is terrifying.

Virgos are figureheaded as The Maiden, or The Virgin. These are dated (read: sexist as hell) contextualizations of the energy signature. The Virgo personality type makes sense as being that which a 1300’s-or-whenever-the-fuck-men-were-paying-dowries-for-brides era man would be seeking to win. The sign is connected to the Earth, and like the other Earth signs enjoys creating and curating a consistent physical space of comfort and security (read: a home.) In this case, the sign likes to make it a very, very clean space. They will also give endlessly of themselves for those they care about, which in this context could mean a romantic partner and children. There is often an occurrence where a Virgo is undyingly wary of anyone coming at them sideways, that can only be taken down when they are in love. Virgos also tend to have an interesting, cancer like phenomenon where they will be incredibly outspoken about views and opinions, sometimes at the veracity of a radio broadcast, but their true feelings, and other matters of the heart they will hide entirely from the world.

It is a common trait of Virgos to be judgemental as well. Virgos have incredible eyes for beauty, and more often for things that tarnish that beauty. Virgos can be hard on themselves and others when they see something as interfering with their perfect world, and given how imperfect the world is, certain Virgos can go off on people pretty hard, pretty often. The judgement is deeply self directed as well, Virgos are capable of delivering the most bone-shaking self-wit of the Zodiac. That eye can either perfect something to its platonic ideal, or it cn shatter the foundation of even the strongest, brightest creative idea, sometimes even to the point of tragedy. There are plenty of examples of this in our musical selections for this month.

Beyonce and Michael Jackson were both significant gods in the Pop music pantheon, creating entirely new aesthetic languages with dance and music. Scott Halford existed as a metal icon while the oft-homophobic metal world has no idea the leather-to-the-briefs man they worshipped was a leather daddy. Florence Welch made Coachella chic with one record album, and the rest of her catalogue makes that foregiveable. Lil Yachty is the Calvin Johnson of trap music. Freddie Mercury… you get the point.

In spite of their untouchable godhood, the lives ad livelihoods of some of the Virgos on this months list are subject to extreme tragedy. The latter portion of Amy Winehouse's life without Blake Feilder-Civil, and her choice to make Back to Black literally instead of going to rehab. Freddie Mercury’s victimhood at the hands of the AIDS epidemic, and Michael Jackson's issues with self and personhood and his stolen childhood all paint a sad picture. But the reality triumphs.

Similar to how we discussed in Libra Season, the things that the Virgo hides in their daily life can be beautifully expounded upon in their music, from beautiful love chants to profoundest bravery. Something else I found so gorgeous in the music of these Virgos was the exhilarating musical pedestal: the thing that kept me wired into headphones all through high school: the feeling that music is lifting you up, that you are sixty feet tall. In unexplainable ways, Virgos hit that sweet spot so perfectly. I hope you enjoy this season, it’s many gifts, and the following music. <3

If playlist doesn't load on mobile, click here.

If playlist doesn't load on mobile, click here.

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