Premiere: Distant Pupils - "I Wanna Know" Video

Big Slide Records is ending the summer on a high note. With the long-awaited premiere of Distant Pupils' video for “I Wanna Know” off this summer's Recess 002 compilation album from the local label. Distant Pupils is the the debut hip hop project of Emuh and rapper Fatt Mox. The video's visuals contain an abstract 1980’s feel with the classic house beats you feel in your bones.

The video takes you through a colorful exploration of the psyche. Oil painted images encapsulate each other in a way that's similar to the production behind it. As soon as the lyrics hit your ears it’s reminiscent of young Kanye West. Feel-good beats that mimic a new wave “Heard Em Say." Instead of using that piano as a cliche motive, Distant Pupils cultivate a feeling of warmth and nostalgia.

Don’t discount Distant Pupils' inspiration; they understand the complicated dance that hip-hop and house make. Cue the alto vocals from Fatt Mox and they aren’t missing a step.

Keep an eye out from the folks at Big Slide Records, the curated talent and projects is a wave you want to ride.

Listen to the rest of Recess 002 below or here.

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