Premiere: Nic Masangkay - "Forever (feat. Falon Sierra)"

Today, Nic Masangkay has dropped “Forever (feat. Falon Sierra)” and is the single I have been waiting for. This bold yet tender tune from two queer survivors of color is a poignant commentary on love and hope set to layered ethereal melodies, like a deep pool I never want to come up for air from. Falon Sierra, who cites influences like Kelala and Amy Winehouse, brings an alternative R&B sound unlike any other - a truly unique take on the style - while Nic Masangkay brings adept electronic mixing and some serious pop sensibility to this collaboration.

To be honest, I have heard this song a few times live as well and I cannot get it out of my head. I just got married to my partner, who also has a dope single with Nic, and the song resonates with me not just because it is such a catchy tune but because of the poetic lyrics, “Nobody can promise forever but I want to promise you this life” and “Fear is just a question, my answer is love”, they are relatable for anyone who wants to think that they could try to love someone in their lifetime.