Premiere: Nic Masangkay - "Forever (feat. Falon Sierra)"

Today, Nic Masangkay has dropped “Forever (feat. Falon Sierra)” and is the single I have been waiting for. This bold yet tender tune from two queer survivors of color is a poignant commentary on love and hope set to layered ethereal melodies, like a deep pool I never want to come up for air from. Falon Sierra, who cites influences like Kelala and Amy Winehouse, brings an alternative R&B sound unlike any other - a truly unique take on the style - while Nic Masangkay brings adept electronic mixing and some serious pop sensibility to this collaboration.

To be honest, I have heard this song a few times live as well and I cannot get it out of my head. I just got married to my partner, who also has a dope single with Nic, and the song resonates with me not just because it is such a catchy tune but because of the poetic lyrics, “Nobody can promise forever but I want to promise you this life” and “Fear is just a question, my answer is love”, they are relatable for anyone who wants to think that they could try to love someone in their lifetime.

Falon Sierra’s vocals are magical as always, it’s no wonder why she has risen so quickly since her debut in 2016. Haunting and relatable this song is what everyone is thinking every time they feel like love is possible. The hope and heartbreak of love are the ever-present themes of this beautifully written song. The instrumentals sing the song almost as loudly as the lyrics themselves, you feel this one deep down. This powerful duo has really put out an epic and current love song. The poppy driven musical stylings of NIc Masangkay and the pure and soulful crooning of Falon Sierra make for a perfect pairing. I can listen to this song on repeat for hours without getting sick of it, really.

“Forever” was produced and mixed by Nic Masangkay, written and performed by Nic Masangkay and Falon Sierra, and recorded and mastered by Camelia Jade Lazenby of Jack Straw Cultural Center and is a work created entirely by queer POC and was inspired by the experiences of queer survivors of color. Nic is currently working on a new album of music and spoken word as a 2018-2019 Artist Support Program Resident at Jack Straw Cultural Center. “Forever,” and previous single “Undesirable (feat. Son the Rhemic)” are from Nic Masangkay’s next album which is to be announced October 2018. You can find more from Nic Masangkay at,,

Instagram: @nicmasangkay, and on all digital music streaming platforms.

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