Marshall Law Band surprise fans with new single, 'RUNNIN'

Seattle band Marshall Law surprise fans with a new single after their major Nectar Lounge show. Proving just because Summer is over doesn't mean the fun has to stop along with it!

We can all resonate with the craziness of our lives. Sometimes its too difficult to keep your head above water. When it feels like the waters caving in don’t doubt yourself for choking a few times. Be proud you went out there and tried to fight to float on. We all need words of encouragement, that can be hard to seek out. That's where Marshall Law Band comes in.

When listen to ‘Runnin’ by Marshall Law Band I’m reminded of the times we need to show ourselves more love. Marshall Law Band makes that easy by being your support system all the way through. Catchy hooks and a strong brass section make you feel powerful while the song plays on.

Joyville words of encouragement and soft spoken hopes hit the heart strings on this track. While the track plays you can’t help but recite their mantras with them. You believe in yourself because Marshall Law Band believes in you too. That type of uplifted attitude is so important and bands like Marshall Law keep it that spirit alive.