Drunk At A Show: Tres Leches Album Release

Clock-Out Lounge was packed on Friday night for the release of Amorfo, the first full-length release from Seattle band, Tres Leches. They were joined by The Wednesdays and Terror/Cactus, two bands who exemplify the dominant sounds that can be found in any Tres Leches song. The lineup was a dream and so was the rest of the night.

Femme-punk band, The Wednesdays started the show. They’ve been on my radar for a while, but this was the first time I saw them live. I was blown away by how fantastic they were and how comfortable I felt in the audience during their set. Songs like “I Don’t Want Any of It,” with the powerfully simple lyric, “don’t tell me that I’m wrong for not wanting to be touched,” offered me some comfort during a day that was soaked in political misogyny and hate. The Wednesdays reminded me that even if the government thinks it’s OK to put an abuser on the Supreme Court, I know it’s not. Victims know it’s not and we have to do what we can to keep each other and the spaces we love as safe as possible. We cannot tolerate assault in our daily lives and with that as their rally cry, The Wednesdays stole my heart.

On a brighter note, Terror/Cactus took the stage next! They were another band I had never seen before, along with a whole other genre I had never really explored, but damn they were fun. They started their set as masked figures making their way through the dark venue accompanied by the sound of rattling leaves and shaking maracas. Once all three members were on stage, they launched into their specialty, a cohesive set of psychedelic electro-cumbia. You’d think that a show without lyrics or faces would remove some of the human element of the music, but on the contrary, it added to the experience. With less focus on the band as individuals, the audience was free to immerse themselves in the music they were surrounded by. It was easier to appreciate the moods, ideas, and experiences that were presented by the sounds and in all honesty, led to a lot of ass-shaking.

The night was far from over when Eva and Cedric Walker of The Black Tones appeared on stage to introduce Tres Leches. They said they drove all the way back from Yakima to make it in time for their favorite Seattle band’s big night! As the air buzzed around them, the band of the hour launched into “What Are You Doing” and others like it from their newest release. The crowd sang along throughout the set and they brought up a few special guests like saxophonist Kate Olson to add to their already electric sound. Plus, the most mind-blowing of all collaborations was when Terror/Cactus appeared on stage and joined them in the perfect marriage of cumbia and rock and roll, baby! Tres Leches played to a sold-out crowd and they deserved every second of it. I haven’t felt that energized by a show in a long time. I hope the trio keeps doing what they’ve been doing for a very long time, because they sure do have the support of the city behind them!

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