Get To Know Me: Kingsgate

Seattle future pop producer Kingsgate makes a mash-up of EDM and dance pop. At the end of the month, DMM will premiere a new single from the producer called "Shuriken." Get to know him a bit before the single drops through a playlist of songs that have inspired him as a musician.

"This playlist is structured in two halves, each of which represent one part of me.

The first half is all poppy songs. These are songs like my last singles two singles, 'Wolves' and 'Moonlight', that are upbeat and easy to sing along to. They have only feel-good vibes that you might hear on the radio.

The second half of this playlist are all bangers which go a little bit harder. They tend to have bigger build-ups and bigger drops, making them more of a spectacle. These are more likely to be heard at festivals and clubs. My new song Shuriken, which comes out on October 29th, fits perfectly into this second half. I hope you guys all have fun listening and I hope to see you at a show soon!"

Find out more about Kingsgate and listen to the playlist below or click here if on mobile.






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