Song of the Week: "California Friends" - The Regrettes

"California Friends" by The Regrettes includes everything a good indie pop song needs to succeed in a world of Instagram models and echoes of the apocalypse. Never mind the depressing antics of seasonal depression and the 24 hour news cycle, lets get to the music. Songs like these were meant for hard times. Now before you read me drone on about this track why don't you press play already?

Hooks, catchy chord progressions and actual heart is what you need to survive in 2018. The Regrettes know this and they execute it well, especially in their latest track "California Friends". The Regrettes capture their story of Californian It girls in a beautiful Morningwood-esque chant and detailed accounts of falling for the cool kid. We've all been there at least once...someone notices your edgy short bands (so original) and suddenly you're cool? WTF. I've had these shitty anti Zooey Deschanel bangs for 5 years and now people give a fuck? Yeah that. The Regrettes are so polished with the track "California Friends" because it brings you back to time where your "cool friend" showed you off to the world. That one bittersweet moment in your teens where you knew this was a bad idea, but did it anyway. Everyone know the cool girl. She's one part annoying, one part savior. You blindly follow but the angst in you echoes out to you to cut the bs. When lead singer Lydia Night softly speaks "Don't start thinking you can fool me" your gut reminds you of times you once had.

Fall brings change and shedding of things that one were. This story in "California Friends" was once a layer in all of us at one point. And The Regrettes are giving us permission to shed that skin, shed that person or that memory. Whatever it is you need to let go- do it. Hopefully this track is playing when you get the courage to shake it off. It's hard but at least this track is there to comfort you in new beginnings.


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