Get To Know Me: Chong the Nomad

This Thursday, October 11, Crane City Music, Do206, and KEXP are combining forces to bring Stas Thee Boss, Chong the Nomad, Kung Foo Grip, and DoNormaal to Nectar Lounge to celebrate the split vinyl LP release between Stas and Chong. Over the week, we'll be highlighting the artists playing the show and getting to know them through a playlist of songs and artists that are important to them. Today, get to know local beatbaker/dj/composer Chong the Nomad.

DMM: Out of all the fast food places, you pick Jack in the Box, give me your order as if you were sitting in the drive thru:

Chong: Buttery Jack meal with Curly Fries!

You’ve played every major festival in Washington this year, which was you favorite and why?

Oh frick, I have no idea how to pick. I had such a crazy experience at each fest, but I’ll have to choose Summer Meltdown as my favorite. I took everything I learned from the first two festivals, CHBP and Sasquatch, and applied them all to Meltdown. My set went very smoothly and I got to dance so much. It was one of the best weekends of my life.

Who are your favorite up and coming artists, local or international?

Perry Porter, Donormaal, Verzache, Goodsteph, Guayaba.

Listen to the playlist on mobile, here.

Find more info about the October 11th show here.

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