Get To Know Me: Kung Foo Grip

You know your show preparation is real when it goes beyond listening to the latest tracks from the performing artists, planning an outfit or, most difficult, planning your ride to the gig. We felt all this and more while interviewing Kung Foo Grip about their upcoming performance at the Stas THEE Boss/chong the nomad vinyl release show at Nectar Lounge tonight. Find out what they think, feel and want below:

Q: 2KFG is always on repeat at DMM HQ. Can we expect any new projects soon?

A: Fish: Hell yeah. Been working on a bunch of new music. It takes time to cook dope so that’s just what we doing right now.. just cookin.

Q: What are some other artists or albums that have traditionally inspired you? What are some new inspirations?

A: Greg: back in the day it would be artists like OutKast, Can Ox or MBDTF-era Kanye

Fish: I’ve been inspired by seeing more original styles in hip hop and cats doing their thing.

Q: What directions are looking to take your music?

Fish: All directions specifically up Greg: Yeah what he said!

Q:Your live shows are known for being a burst of explosive energy. Is there any venue or city that you haven’t played yet that you’d like to play next?

A: Greg: LA and NY ATL cities of course. Would love to play festivals like rolling loud and run Bumbershoot one more time on a real big stage. Fish: Yea we’d love to do like an npr tiny desk concert.

Q: From Bumbershoot to Upstream, Kung Foo Grip has been playing a lot of major festivals this year. Where can we see them play next?

A: Greg: Next show is Freakout Fest but yeah it’s been a wild year we’d love to get back on the road and take the album elsewhere.

Q: How to you see the Seattle hip hop scene growing in the near future?

A: Greg: There’s always new artists poppin up, always new things happening. The scene is a reflection of who we are and where we at as people. As Mos Def said, “next time you ask where Hip Hop is going, ask where you’re going” and that’s your answer.

Q: Have any surprises for us at the October 11th show at Nectar Lounge?

A: Fish: A couple new songs, a guest & maybe a few more surprises, but you’ll just have to wait to find out!

Catch Stas THEE Boss, chong the nomad, DoNormaal, Crane City Music, Do206, KEXP and more tonight at the Nectar Lounge, doors at 8 p.m. We'll be there helping sling the release vinyl, as well as the Crane City X DMM records you can find on our webstore.

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