Song of the Week: Kelela's 'Take Me A_Part'


As I’m sure whoever follows me on Instagram knows, I have been a complete fangirl of Kelela the past few weeks. The model she holds in the industry is something that hasn’t been touched. Aside from being an incredible singer/songwriter, she blesses us with remixes from people we couldn’t have possibly ever heard of. Whether sourcing DJs internationally with followings like Kaytranada to Santa Muerte out of Houston with less than 1k followers, Kelela also places women in the highest realm with the "LMK" remix.

This is not only the album of the week or month, but I’ll say year. Not only is she gifting us with great, beautiful music, but continues time after time putting fellow musicians on. There is a sense of community I’ve never felt until I heard this album. This is a globally celebrated thing. I don’t think you can truly experience something without seeing all the different versions of it - art is truly about perception.

Here are a couple of my personal favorites:


The bassline is heavy and strong with this one. A South African percussive, house-adjacent club music that started in the past few years, and Lag was on the (drum roll please) Frontline.


Although there are multiple remixes to this track, you know which one I’m highlighting. You can’t have features including ALL the most underrated, up and coming females in rap and have it be slept on. Giving possession to a song about celebrating a woman taking control of a one night stand, there’s no one I’d rather have speak for me than Junglepussy, CupcakKe, Princess Nokia or Ms. Boogie.

I would recommend giving Take Me A_Part a listen, but if you’re pressed for time I’ve compiled a Remix v. Original playlist just for you. Experience the greatness.

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