Song of the Week: Empress of - "I Don't Even Smoke Weed"

I went over this song slightly in my Babes Around Town last week but I feel like this song and Empress Of’s latest album Us deserves more in-depth coverage. For some background info, Empress Of is the project of Lorely Rodriguez, who released her debut album under the moniker in 2015 titled Me. While the debut was more personal, her sophomore record looks outward and focuses primarily on relationships, with most of the songs tackling subject manner surrounding falling in love. “I Don’t Even Smoke Weed” is one of those love songs. While the title may seem like it’s the antithesis to a classic Snoop Dogg hit, the real heart of the track tackles the feelings of complete comfortability with someone you love - even when doing things that normally make you upset or anxious.

Personally, I can’t smoke weed. It makes me insanely paranoid and anxious. While I appreciate the help of people who can, the advice of “trying different strains” doesn’t work for me. It just ruins what could of been a perfectly good evening, finding me balled up in a corner or frozen stiff on the couch trying my best to just not do anything weird. It’s absolutely the worst feeling in the world. So it’s a relief finding others who feel the same as me, especially in this weed-centric city we live in.

“I don’t even smoke weed / It gives me anxiety / But when I’m with you / I’m too careless to / Care what people think,” says Rodriguez in “I Don’t Even Smoke Weed.” The idea of being completely, 100 % comfortable with a partner is something we all strive for but how often does it REALLY happen? In the beginning, it’s all about showing our cutest, funniest, most interesting face and either you grow to a level of comfortability where you’re able to be your true self around them or you don’t. In this song, Rodriguez tells a story of the former. A heartwarming tale of being so secure that you can ingest the thing that makes you the most anxious and feel totally fine. That’s a special kind of love that we all strive for. So, for me, this song is both very relatable and also aspirational.


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