Premiere: Weep Wave - "Welcome Home"

Weep Wave’s new psych-art-rock grunge pseudo-medley is called “Welcome Home,” and it’s hot off the sessions for the Seattle three-piece’s forthcoming album, Seasonal Affective Disorder. The song, which crests the 4.5 minute mark, has been a staple of Weep Wave’s live set, and, according to the band, acted as a thematic polestar for the rest of the album, the theme in question being the toll the Puget Sound climate can take on its residents’ minds.

The combination of complex song structures and absurdly heavy-handed psych-rock shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone familiar with Weep Wave’s recent output or immersive live performances. On this recording, the group’s urgent and hard-driving rock parts deliver a twisted Fillmore West version of the art-damaged rage captured on Sonic Youth’s Sister. “Welcome Home” also displays Weep Wave’s ability to stop on a dime and totally switch gears: after being inundated by apocalyptic surf rock in the song’s first half, the listener is transported to another sonic headspace, one that belongs to bare but ominous acoustic campfire strumming. Over this, Dylan Fuentes sings, “Thanks for listening, I know my moaning’s deafening but thanks for listening,” The hackneyed phrase and the song’s title, “Welcome Home” also gets chanted to satiric and ominous effect in the song’s chorus. Finally, after a quick, terrifying lap through more psych-rock tremolos, a creeping cross-fade introduces the sound of crunching footsteps as the final guitar drone recedes. And so reality dissolves once more, and we are released back to the mundane cycling of the days under unbroken grey skies, making our way towards the next destination.

It’s both a bold ambition (and natural impulse) to make art that reflects your own mental experience of a place. Not only is it a textbook Romantic outlook, it’s a good sign that Weep Wave are gonna stick around and continue adding their desperate riffs and honest introspection to the water supply for months to come.

Catch the band this Friday, October 26 for a special Halloween show at Mirage Garage with Strawberry Mountain, Actionesse, Salt Lick, Don Forgetti, and Portland band Honeybender. S.A.D. is out January 11, 2019, pre-orders for the Blue & Clear vinyl are available now on Bandcamp. Each copy includes a lyric booklet, download, and limited edition photo set.


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