Venue Spotlight: Mirage Garage

In our new venue spotlight series, we're focusing on the people who run local DIY venues. Have you ever gone to a house show and wonder who lives there? Or are never really sure where the current DIY venues or how to find them? We're here to help! In the debut post of the series, we're chatting with Eddie Pemberton who runs the house venue Mirage Garage. Read below to find out what inspired him to start his own venue and where it's heading.

DMM: What's the story behind the inception of Mirage Garage? EP: The whole thing really started about a year and a half ago. We wanted a space to bring community together with a musical touch. I had my foot in the door with a few local musicians and close friends so I organized up a show with Medium Weekend, Retrospecter, Don Forgetti and Myrrum. My roommate James and I put together our PA system, built a stage in the living room and the rest is history.

Who all lives there and do they all partake in helping book & promote the shows? There are 6 of us in the home. Only two of us are active musicians and in the music scene. James Dyer definitely gets credit for helping with booking and promoting shows. A few of the other roomies also promote a bit on their Facebooks but I would say it’s primarily between James and I.

Have you booked or lived in a house venue before? Never

Describe the space: where do the bands play, how many people can it fit, how many bathrooms are there etc.? The space we use for shows is the “living room” area. We built a stage in the corner of the room to allow viewing from both the dining room as well as the living room. For our more “stacked bill” nights, we like to use our garage and driveway as a second stage. Fully packed, I imagine we can hold 100+/- people. We have two bathrooms that we offer people to use as well.

How often do you throw shows? 1 or two a month

Who's played there so far? Medium Weekend, Retrospecter, Myrrum, Don Forgetti, Actionesse, South Beacons (Cali), Just Nick (Cali), SiLM, VLLY, Slumberbox, Royal Dreamer, RGK and The Alternative Facts, Urban Outfielders, Human Kitten, Shy Away, Bear Talk, Cold Comfort, Little Hero, Annie Woodward (Norway), The Grasping Straws, Whole Milk, Fluung, Yeah No Totally, Replicants, Tetchy, Stephanie Mae, Fruit Juice, Foxtrot and I know there are more.

Do you have a particular type of music you like to book there? Rock, alt, experimental.

Is there a favorite show you've thrown? The first will always be the best. It was an awesome crowd and a truly unforgettable experience.

Are you worried at all about the venue getting shut down due to noise complaints?

Not at all. Our neighbors on both sides fully support what we do. On top of that, we live right off the freeway so noise is never too much of an issue.

What show are you most excited for at Mirage Garage coming up? Definitely the show this Friday for our Halloween Party. Six band bill, costume party, Friday night!!

Find out more info about this Friday's show featuring Strawberry Mountain, Weep Wave, Actionesse, Don Forgetti, Salt Lick, and Honeybender here.


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