Song of the Week: Jessica Pratt - "This Time Around"

The transcendental nature of life isn’t meant to be captured or encapsulated. But as much as truths’ stand on their own Jessica Pratt brings them to life in a manner that can’t hide from either the light or the darkness. Her latest single “This Time Around,” off the upcoming album Quiet Signs, stands true to her established manner of holding truth to itself, independent of power.

It’s been three years since the sophomore album On Your Own Love Again, which was the successor to the defining self-titled album Jessica Pratt. While never shying away from her inherent talent of recognizing and confronting the truths we all silently undergo but rarely discuss, Pratt continues to grow as an artist that examines truths with an X-ray like ability that exposes us to the humanity we can’t choose to run away from.

At times categorized as the type of artist that is held to a standard of being translucently insightful, Pratt continues to live through and defy the standards that necessitates being both a brilliant artist and gritty deliverer of a quiet wisdom. Her latest single “This Time Around” attests to the strength required to be a breathing soul in a time of upset and uncertainty. Lyrics and chords that transcend decades or time retain their ability to speak to the reality that we find ourselves.

“Hallowed be thy name, had you come to claim it? Too hard, too hard All upon her face were the lost and strange years Too hard, too hard”

Words that may speak to femmes, womxn, or any person living with the knowledge and endurance of having to doggedly endure a world that provides a multitude of opportunities to wear you down, “This Time Around” speaks to the silent strength required to continue to go forth. With a grace and solitude that stands against the test of time, Pratt’s new single hints that Newton’s First Law of Physics is nothing less than true. An object in motion stays in motion, and I can’t wait for the rest of Quiet Signs.

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