Best Of: October 2018


Best Album: Childqueen Outtakes by Kadhja Bonet

UGH. This month is so hard to choose from! There's the new FUTURE and Juice WRLD, Empress Of, MO, Summer Walker...but the one that stands out a tad from the rest is Kadhja Bonet's album Childqueen Outtakes. The album sounds from another time, though soft piano and harmonizing is nothing new to the music snob is special to hear when truly done right. By this I mean the passion of the song is wildly apparent. Songs like "The Watch" and "Imposter" echo in your head when there played. Kadhja Bonet's style mixes lofi guitar of today and sweet sayings of the 50's to create a mystical world of hope.

Best Show: STAS THEE BOSS & CHONG THE NOMAD at Nectar Lounge

Crane City Music, Do206 & KEXP collaborated to bring you the best vinyl release show for Chong the Nomad and Stas thee Boss. Stars DoNormaal and Kung Foo Grip also graced the stage to get the crowd going. The melding of these hip-hop heavyweights was a lineup like any other. You had electronic beats coming from Chong the Nomad, energized fans singing along to DoNormaal, Stas thee Boss stage setting was insanely beautiful and who can forget the chaos and pure fun once Kung Foo Grip graced the stage.


Best Album: Adrianne Lenker - abysskiss

Four years ago, before Big Thief released their debut album Masterpiece and soared to massive popularity and critical acclaim, the band's frontwoman Adrianne Lenker quietly released her debut album Hours Were The Birds. This month, she released her solo follow-up and wow, is it breathtaking. Her voice is so haunting and mesmorizing, she could record a cover of "Mambo Number 5" and I would likely find it to be the most spellbinding song in the world. Working with primarily just guitar, Lenker doesn't need any extra frills to make a great record, her voice does that all itself.

Best Show: Richie Dagger's Crime Sea of Dysfunction Release Show at the Sunset

Spirits were high at the Sunset on October 11th for the release of Richie Dagger's Crime's long-awaited debut full-length Sea of Dysfunction. The place was packed with people grooving and dancing to sultry sets from RDC, local R&B popstar PSA, and selections of DJ Sharlese between sets. If you haven't listened to Sea of Dysfunction, which City Arts pegged as "one of the year's strongest Seattle releases," yet then you really need to get on it!


Best Album: Nao - Saturn

Nao is back with her sophomore album, and like that pivotal time when shifting from freshman to sophomore Saturn tells a story of personal growth and outward expansion. Retaining her classic mix of soul, electronic and funk - a mashup of genres she coined the term “wonky funk” for - Saturn contains the wisdom that comes with going through the washing machine of life, reflecting and learning from being tumbled about and emerging just fine, if not even a little more worn in and better fitting. Tracks like “Yellow of the Sun” and “Drive and Disconnect” bring you to dizzying new heights. “Make It Out Alive (feat. SiR)” tackles the feeling of a breakup, when you feel like a rug was pulled from beneath you while you find yourself falling with no bottom in sight, yet the resilience you find in yourself during these times. The entire album is worth more than a listen.

Best Show: Ladies Of LCD Soundsystem w/Nancy Whang & Gavin Rayna Russom

I’ve had a slight obsession with LCD Soundsystem ever since my first blissful experience of taking a step back from a solid hang with friends to truly appreciate the beautiful simplicity and validity in the line “I miss the way the night comes, with friends who always make it feel good.” As the music swelled to fill the car we were speeding down the highway in, I also knew that this was a bucket list band - one I’d have to see live. I got the chance at FYF a few years back, and have been looking for any sort of chance to experience a piece of their collective musical genius ever since. Ladies of LCD Soundsystem at Eden provided the unique experience to see Nancy Whang and Gavin Rayna Russom’s individualized tastes and style, providing an even more solid foundation to approach LCD’s discography. Dancing all night on a floor ruled by members of LCD Soundsystem, I mean what more could you really need?


Best Album: Phantom Limb by Mary Claire

After embarking on the journey of establishing herself in the Seattle music scene, resident redheaded sad girl, Mary Claire released her solo debut album, Phantom Limb on October 1. It was greeted with love and tears from friends and fans alike. I've probably talked about Mary in most of the things I've written, but I cannot stress enough how hauntingly beautiful and deeply introspective her work is. Tracks like "Party Favors," "Extra Small," and "Phantom Limb Syndrome" will leave you weak in the knees, yet you'll feel as if you've never been more understood by an artist. If you're on the hunt for the perfect soundtrack to the ever-approaching abyss that is the Seattle winter, look no further.

Best Show: Spoopy Hallow-Tiny-Ween FEST at Mirage Garage

This was the BEST night, which really says something, because October was full of sooooo many great nights. The first night of Halloweekend called for costumes, of course, and everyone in attendance brought more spook than I could've imagined. Honeybender graced us with a fantastic set, along with Strawberry Mountain and the brassy Actionesse. Salt Lick treated us to a fantastic cover of "Go Your Own Way" by Fleetwood Mac while Weep Wave tricked us into thinking they were Modest Mouse with a cover of their own. Don Forgetti wrapped up what was pretty much an unforgettable, six band show!

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