Call Your Mother: The Moon in Astrology

Over the last year, DMM has been keeping you up to date on what the stars (and your inner life) are up to with our astrology playlist series. This October marks one full year of DMM giving you the knowledge and music you need to cope with a year of planetary influence! Happy anniversary, congratulations to both of us! Now that we’ve given you the rundown of sign archetypes and the artists that power each season, we’d like to change things up by giving you some more hands-on-help surviving the seasons. This will include updates on planetary goings on, more in-depth information on the Planets and the Houses, as well as Planetary Rulers, Nativity, and all the other astro-facets you have always been too intimidated to ask your hot friend who’s into that sort of thing about. Have no fear, DMM is here!


In the birth chart, the biggest pie slice of personal identity is occupied by the Sun and the Sun sign. If you ask someone what their sign is, they will say “Leo” or “Cancer.” The season you were born in, however much it informs your internality and identity, is only a part of the whole equation of your astrological self. The rest of the aspects of your character are sourced out to the different planets (and some minor moons and asteroids) in our solar system that have a gravitational relationship with Earth. Some people say they do not relate with their Sun sign or it does not describe them. Oftentimes this leads people to disbelieve the entire field of study. There can be a lot hidden with a single person. If you’re not sure where the Moon is in your chart or want to see your full birth chart, there are lots of great resources for finding your full chart, including my favorite right HERE.