Premiere: Lorna Rousseau's "Acvodad"

Sometimes getting in tune with yourself can have the same cozy effect as layering a cozy blanket over your favorite sweater. Lorna Rousseau offers the opportunity to get in touch with your feels in a similar way with their latest music video “Acvodad," from their album A Blooming Wave.

Touching on themes of destruction and solitude, “Acvodad” explores the hopefully not-so-fruitless endeavor of reaching out to that one person that seems to be ripping you up from the inside out to begin with. When one finds themself enraptured in such a bittersweet entanglement with another it can be difficult to differentiate the highs from the lows, and every emotion feels like its own crashing wave.

The lyrics reflect this:

“Something’s happening now

A cry between terror and sound

Blooming wave, something’s rattling now”

Just over the halfway mark these lyrics are incarnated into a beyond body experience in the form of a mix of soaring synths and sweeping shoegaze providing a swelling in the heart. That feeling of hope when it seems so tangible, before you realize it’s slipping through your fingers before you ever really had the chance to hold it as your own, at least not for long enough.