Interview: Macntaj: The Man, The Music, The Magic

Who is your biggest inspiration?

Cameron and Mac Dre are my biggest musical inspirations, their brands at the time were so innovative and really stood out to me growing up. Having that larger than life persona that doesn’t fit into that standard mold, being different is what I look for in artist today, and Cam and Mac really started that mindset for me. Outside of music no one was a bigger inspiration to me than my father.

What was the jump off to start doing music?

Music was a way for me to articulate my surroundings and frustrations I felt growing up as a child. It kept me out of trouble and gave me a positive outlet to express myself.

What’s your favorite part of the creative process?

When your in the zone and the music writes itself. There is nothing I love more than when something you have been working on just clicks and the whole process comes together.

What can new fans expect from your music?

Ideally they find something that resonates with them that they can relate to. We have the next year mapped out with something for everyone and I’m really excited to see what clicks with who.

What do you want people to know about you?

I make my music honestly and I feel that people can form there own opinions and thoughts based off that. Honesty in art is key and ideally acts as a window to who I am as a person.

How are your performances different than other hip-hop artists in the city?

We always have something special for the crowd, but to make a long story short you will have to just come to a show to find out :p

Any new projects coming up?

Yea, we are always working. We are dropping more frequently this year and try and keep our fanbase updated through our socials.

When’s your next show (after Lil B)?

We have a headliner on November 24th with the homies Karma Knows and Lone Wolf and Kub at Barboza!

Where can people find your music?

All platforms!


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