Premiere: Erina Debuts Music Video for "Run"

Erina, an independent Olympia-based soulful, jazzy foursome are ready to show you their true colors with their music video for “Run,” the lead single off their upcoming sophomore release, Birdie.

“Run,” directed by Abbie Sacks “is about the internal struggle to abandon; to leave behind the life and people we know and to start over somewhere else. It's about becoming attached and moving away from the desire to run, it's about settling and unsettling, it's about duality and our struggles within ourselves that are constantly pulling us in different directions,” said vocalist Jessie Branch. These concepts are reflected in the visual symbols presented in this stunning video. Every frame is bathed in tones of blue, purple and pink, which makes it at first appealing, then slightly unsettling as everyday objects are cast in an unnatural hue, which is the viewer’s first hint that everything isn’t as perfect as it seems. As Jessie unfolds her story of strife, she dons an all-white dress that reflects mental clarity, fresh beginnings and renewal which goes hand in hand with her declaration “I gotta open up my eyes, do what I want, and what I need.”

Branch is also often seen submerged in bodies of water as small as a bathtub and as big as a lake, which seems to represent the different roads she’ll take in her life. Not to mention, as you grooved to the slick guitar, you probably remembered that water represents transformation and rebirth, which illustrated the moments when Branch realized that she had to shed her ties and attachments in order to do what is right for her. But it’s not easy, which calls for the intertwining of plants and sultry women dancing as an expression of the different directions the singer feels she is being pulled.

Despite the struggle we feel as we watch Jessie try to navigate these waters and hear the tempo pick up a bit, the story and the song fade out on a serene note leaving us more comforted than confused. This project is a visual masterpiece paired with a song you’re bound to be obsessed with, making for the perfect marriage of visual and audio.

Birdie will be out on November 30. In the meantime, stream "Run" on Spotify, Apple Music and all digital platforms.

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