Review: Protomartyr and Preoccupations 'Telemetry At Howe Bridge'

Protomartyr is back with their latest, a cover of Preoccupations' (fka Viet Cong) song “Forbidden.” It’s good news for the return of gray days and silent bus stop walks that some of the most exciting monochromatic guitar bands are joining forces. In the X feat. Y era, I don’t know if you can categorize a split 7” cover record as a collaboration, but we will because no one will get angry if we do. And get ready for Preoccupations take on Protomartyr's "Pontiac '87," the 7" out on Domino today.

With the release of “Forbidden,” Protomartyr delivers a sadder, more tragic, but more driving rendition of their upcoming tour mates' song. The original song finds new life with an extended outro that develops into the ideas only spoken briefly in the original version.

The original song was released on Preoccupations self-titled 2016 full-length. The song is a bleak meditation of digital age post-punk, referring to disenchantment, and eventual doom in a voice that sounds like Josh Homme and Paul Banks’ butt baby. The cover was birthed as a precursor to a co-headlining tour of the US the band is beginning on November 23rd. Get your tickets for the Seattle date here and as soon as possible.

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