Song of the Week: Travis Thompson fest. Laza - "Mobbin"

You might know him from Macklemore’s song, “Corner Store,” but Seattle rapper, Travis Thompson is no Mack Mini. He followed up his sophomore release YouGood? with a whole lot of success and a single called “Mobbin” which HITS.

The single features a beat that gave me old-school vibes and verses about staying grounded in the face of newfound attention and wealth. Thompson’s flow shifts between a playful fast pace to a looser, more relaxed tempo every time he comes back to the chorus. Speaking of the chorus, can you say CATCHY? When I first heard it, I could picture myself listening to it in a car with Snoop Dogg as we rolled through Long Beach.

Accompanying the song is a music video that depicts one of the most poppin' block parties I’ve ever longed to be part of, plus it showcases Travis’s commitment to constantly repping the street he grew up on in Burien, Ambaum, and the people who helped him come up. Local staples like El on the Cam, Campana and Chase Fade made cameos in the visual project that Travis and Dylan Fout directed while Jenessa Nieto produced the final product. Everythi