Review: HEALTH and Youth Code Collaborate on the Brutal "Innocence"

We live in a society that is blessed enough to have as much high grade Goth Shit happening right now as it does. More than one ancient former punk rocker / old head have voiced their concern that, in the Trump era, where is all the protest music? Whoever’s asking has not stuck their head into the closet where we keep our dance music (You heard that new SOPHIE record right?) This weeks offering comes from aggressive, experimental Los Angeles bands HEALTH and Youth Code.

So in a wave of spine jarring fury comes two former tourmates collaborating on an alternately bone-jarring and ethereal club-adjacent banger. The song opens up with a dark chamber background with beatdown midwest hardcore soul. The song is a headbanger that has all parts of the seething hate march of drums that makes listening to Youth Code so addicting. The emotion tapers into the all consuming and most convincingly fucking SAD voice in Goth.

This banger is coming off a series of collaborations HEALTH has done with other artists in the weird electro spectrum, but this one is perhaps the most hard hitting, given both the DIY and aesthetic similarities of the two projects and their devotion to Los Angeles. For further reading, check out our micro playlist below, which includes some Health and Youth Code’s other fantastic collaborations.

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