Review: Justin Hartinger's "Selfish"

It was a blur- a chaotic twist of fate that pulled me in as soon as it spit me out. A classic whirlwind romance- you fall hard and get hit even harder. Everyone’s had that one relationship that feels like clouds and then suddenly you’re free falling instead of walking around whimsically. If you haven’t felt that kind of love, buckle up for the ride of your life and may this is song by Justin Hartinger, Ariana DeBoo & Kody Ryan soothe your soul for when the inevitable happens.

In ‘Selfish’ DeBoo’s voice jumps right into the rollercoaster romance I imagine and relive in this tune. Accompanied by Hartinger’s production and cleverness the tempo of the tune actually embodies that gut rush you get thousands of feet up in the sky. Clinging on to your happiness, then suddenly descending downward and up again. Hartinger is known for this quip, always taking listeners for a ride. Slowly he carefully places a light new sound echoing in the distance, it comes closer to you engaging your emotions and then you feel it all over. With DeBoo’s soothing vocals aligning with the upbeat tempo of the track your anticipation and hope grows as she sings “Up on the roof we fool around, so much love we don’t make a sound”. You can’t help but get your hopes up with her as she goes up an octave. Her voice then goes low as she reminisces through the memories of what was.

If you’re wondering why Kody Ryan’s part in the love song is so short lived remember whose producing we're talking about. Hartinger’s tracks are meticulously placed, each sound and spoken word has a purpose to his storytelling, it's what makes him unique in a sea of voices. I’m guessing Hartinger knowingly put Kody’s voice in there as a distant and ghostly reminder to reiterate the story being told. Kody sweeps in with his serenading to remind his lover he is still there. Singing, “Up on the roof we fool around, body talks we don’t make a sound” but he surprises you like all lovers do by hitting you with “Feeling like 17 can’t get you away from me and I can never just be friends." Wasn’t expecting that! But just as mysterious as love is you never know what you’ll get next.

If you ever need to feel heard and don’t have time to sob all your mascara off, Kody Ryan is the man to listen to. The collaborations between him and Hartinger touch your spirit like art is supposed to do. You don’t need the frivolous sound of big bass and amped up auto warp to have you feel something. Sometimes it just needs to be raw and true, and that’s something Hartinger never fails to do. The tune ends with hope in you heart and synths echoing that storyline as they slowly fade away like dim lights on the stage. This may be the end but there is hope from an encore.

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