Mouthpiece of the Gods: Mercury in Astrology

For the last little while, DMM has been keeping you up to date on what the stars (and your inner life) are up to with our astrology playlist series. Last October marked one full year of DMM giving you the knowledge and music you need to cope with a year of planetary influence! Happy anniversary, congratulations to both of us! Now that we’ve given you the rundown of sign archetypes and the artists that power each season, we’d like to change things up by giving you some more hands-on-help surviving the seasons. This will include updates on planetary goings on, more in-depth information on the Planets and the Houses, as well as Planetary Rulers, Nativity, and all the other astro-facets you have always been too intimidated to ask your hot friend who’s into that sort of thing about. Have no fear, DMM is here!

If you see Mercury come up in Astrology or music or pop culture, odds are high in 2018 that it will lead you to an ever-more extracted culturally appealing response to the meme of people not believing in Mercury retrograde. We’re not complaining. We would fuck with a Mercury retrograde survival bath-bomb as hard as the next bitch. And given that Mercury remains in retrograde until December 6th, we just might need it. With enough hype around the hijinks that tend to occur during Mercury retrograde, how important is Mercury's whole shit the rest of the time?

The short answer is pretty god damn.