Review: Joe August's "High Fashion"

Heavy echoing fuzz vibrates from a distant box, a dimly lit room with pink neon softly touching its surroundings and a plaid suit fit for a Topman mannequin appears. Those are just a few of the aesthetically pleasing factors in Joe August’s Live Session for his new song “High Fashion” off his anticipated full length album. The hazy music video for “High Fashion” was recorded at Nickerson Studios, turning the drab university space into an ultra cool M83 vibe instead. Joe August is known for this clever redressing of things. I mean, look at anything he has ever put out. Damn does it look good on the eyes. Forget about the beauty of the set for just a moment and let’s get into what you came here for. The music.

Joe’s hushtone lies on top of the guitar's strumming, a vibration of added reverb creating its own textural wall of sound. Accompanied with the simplistic choice of pure guitars as production proves his knack for his craft. Given few tools, August is more than capable of creating a look, adding style and dressing the entire project to the nines.

Co-written with musical lyricist and singer Erin Dorthea, “High Fashion” balances catchy word play and scattered story telling to create a cautionary tale. They tell us the story of a fast paced lifestyle that mimics the gritty guitar in the song. Joe and Erin’s writing may seem obvious at first glance but it is much more detailed once you dive into the lyrics. Reciting to us the fun and danger that lurks within the nightlife. But not in after school special style - instead the lyrics are presented with a disarming genuineness that cuts to the core. A gem placed in the window for you to touch and take...but be warned, as soothing as Joe’s voice is and as seductive as Erin’s lyrics are, there is a warning you may not catch. The game never stops and if you’re brave enough to play just know it won’t end well as shiny as it may seem.

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