Song of the Week: Saweetie's 'Pissed'

Every day the internet overflows with new music uploaded by musicians all over the world but only a few touch people in a unique way. To showcase those gems of the interwebs DMM presents our 'Song of the Week'. Here we will take a moment to honor the songs that popped unto our timelines and made us boogie, cry, feel and made us feel damn good!

If you haven't been on the Saweetie train, it's time to hop on board. Saweetie rose to internet consciousness around 2016 with cleverly played hooks and short rap videos on her Instagram page. Soon after, her talents were recognized when Saweetie released her debut single, "Icy Grl." Record executives knew it was a bop from the start, thanks to the hundreds of thousands of streams from her loyal fanbase. Later, she was signed to Warner Bros with a partnership with Artistry Worldwide. She released her first major label EP, High Maintenance, in March 2018. Since then, fans have been waiting for new music from the icy girl herself and she blessed us with "Pissed."

In true boss bitch fashion, Saweetie takes your ears on a rollercoaster ride. The track's production is reminiscent of Mac Dre's "Thizzle Dance," a chess move that Saweetie intentionally makes for listeners. And that's only part of it - Saweetie is known for her classic clapbacks that would scare even a Real Housewife or Love and Hip-Hop star. As soon as "Pissed" plays, you hear a monk-like chant scratch that turns into a popping 808 all while poking fun at haters with one-liners like "Bitch you ugly, something Snapchat can't fix."

Saweetie is insanely bright when she delivers these lyrics but even though her sweet demeanor sounds like candy, it bites back. Don't be fooled by her charm and overall honey-like presence. This track serves as a warning for all the chit chat behind keyboard strokes that Saweetie's keen eye spots on social media. "Pissed" serves as a dance anthem for anyone who's sick of petty people online being jealous and contributing negatively to people's blessings.

Underestimating Saweetie will be your downfall and "Pissed" proves that. The added quips and hilarious call-outs to haters makes this a great song to make fun of trolls on the internet. Because at the end of the day, why you pissed?

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