Haley's Top 10 Albums of 2018

At Distinction Music Management we realize that not everyone's music taste is 100% the same. Even with this realization you will probably notice that pretty much 99% of all end of year lists are pretty much identical. That's why we wanted to change it up and showcase what we consider each of our top albums of the year. We're not saying they're the best albums, but that they are our favorites and meant the most to us this past year, because who are we to judge one persons art over another's.

This list was way harder to make than I expected. The was SO MUCH good music this year! The hardest part was ranking these albums because art is not a competition! These positions are fluid and based on how I'm feeling right now, but that doesn't mean the number 10 album means any less to me than the number 1!

10. Expectations - Bebe Rexha