Babes Around Town

Here it is, the first Babes Around Town of 2019! Set the tone of your new year by spending the first weekend of 2019 at one of these siiiick shows!


At Chop Suey

BEAR AXE w/ RGK + Alternative Facts and Afrocop

At Central Saloon

Stay Happy Central // Concuss / Depandable Showcase

At Sunset Tavern

Zachary Warnes * OurDeadFathers * Konny and Adam(Kent3)

At Highline

The Space Lady, Drama Bahama (Alb release), Jake Laundry


At Cafe Racer

Chanel Beads / 129,600 / Sour Girl / Zander Yates

Don't miss this lo-fi lineup at Cafe Racer! They have a ton of great shows coming up and such a good vibe, you should just plan on being there every weekend! --HALEY

At Neumos

Mamma Mia! - A Dance Party of ABBA & '70s Pop Music

At Substation

amateur eyes / Artemis Moon / Trauma Del Rey / Grim Statistic


At Neumos

The Fresh Prince of Capitol Hill - 90s Hip Hop Dance Party

At Cafe Racer

Sleepover Club, YOY, Porn Bloopers, Scorndog

At The Crocodile

6th Annual Big Ass Boombox Music Festival

At High Dive

The Mondegreens / Tommy Alexander / Sandi Fernandez & Beacon Hill-Billies / Jason McCue

At Re-Bar

Night Crush Turns 4

Missing out on Night Crushes birthday would be a sad sad move babes. Every Night Crush I'ver ever been too is filled with love and a great DJ on deck. Keep the celebration going at Re-Bar!


At W Hotel

DJ Friends of Freakout


At Victory Lounge

Mantis // Dusty Cubby // Me Pistola // Dead Harbors

At Chop Suey

Tiger Blonde, Waking Things, Nessy

At Neumos

Mick Jenkins / Kari Faux


Ever since Christmas I haven't been able to stop listening to Helado Negro "Pais Nublado." The track is calming that seemed to slow me down during all the craziness of the holiday season. Not to mention the sweetness that oozes out of it as you listen. Helado Negro switches dialects from Spanish to English as layers of cooing warm the listener. If you need a second to just breath, this is your track.

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