Premiere: Mhostly Ghostly - "mud"

Picture this, you’re sprawled out on a big couch on the front porch of an old house. The sun is shining with no clouds in sight. You’re warm, but not too hot, thanks to the shade the porch so generously provides for you. A slight breeze whispers your name and you feel genuinely relaxed.

That mental image you just formed is exactly what it feels like to listen to Mhostly Ghostly’s newest track, “mud”. The psychedelic toe-tapper was written and recorded almost simultaneously by the band’s power-duo, Jeremy Blas and Simon Olander over the summer. Which, explains the lackadaisical nature of the sound that instills within the listener the reminder that it’s OK to slow down from time to time.

Not only is “mud” a classic lo-fi garage psych bundle of joy, but it’s also a hit for the kids! Mhostly Ghostly call to mind comparisons to Cage the Elephant and The Oh Sees, perhaps even Mac DeMarco, who are all pretty big with the indie kids of today. This song is the perfect addition to every kickback playlist, sunset stroll on the beach, or cruise through Fairhaven. With a little something for everyone in there, what’s not to like about Mhostly Ghostly?

Stream Mhostly Ghostly's hot new track below and catch them on January 18 at the Firefly Lounge!


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