Sasha's Top 10 Albums Of 2018

At Distinction Music Management we realize that not everyone's music taste is 100% the same. Even with this realization you will probably notice that pretty much 99% of all end of year lists are pretty much identical. That's why we wanted to change it up and showcase what we consider each of our top albums of the year. We're not saying they're the best albums, but that they are our favorites and meant the most to us this past year, because who are we to judge one persons art over another's.

Alright let’s get one thing straight here. Dwindling down to ONLY 10 albums that we’re my complete favorite would be realistic if you wanted me to choose a month out of the year. The entire year?! I am exhausted and I have already sat through about 20 drafts of this, smoked le marijuana cigarette to calm my erratic ass down only to spiral down into a complete hopelessness as I argued with myself on who deserved the recognition and placement. As I battled with my inner self (nothing new here) I garnered a whole new respect for these albums and not only the ones on my list but to all the releases that uploaded onto the vast interwebs. It takes gut, drive, annoying distribution sites, a little magic and a whole lot of talent to put a piece of you out there for the world to listen too. So here's to the all the music that touched us 2018!

10. Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper - 'A Star Is Born' Soundtrack

Yes I did see A Star Is Born five times, yes I did cry each time and no that doesn't make me corny- other things do. Let's get one thing straight if you're going to compete with past A Star Is Born icons like Barbra Streisand, Judy Garland and Janet Gaynor you better bring it. In true superstar fashion Stefani Germanotta and Bradley Cooper do. Showcasing their musical talents they tow the line between genres showing off their pipes in 1990's-esque ballads, classic country tunes and pop bops.

9. Kanye West - ‘Ye'

It's okay to shed a tear your favorite problematic artist is here! Twitter rants aside, Kanye West's 'Ye' was completely out of left field for most of his fans. Which ironically is at the root of Kanye West's discography- just when you can pinpoint his "sound" he pleasantly turns it upside down and adds a new layer to his production. All of Kanye isn't gone though, if you listen closely to tracks like 'I Thought About Killing You' you can hear crash snares of '808s and Heartbreak', bass from 'Watch the Throne' and then he introduces his new layer of sound in 'Ye'. Which feels like your walking through past diary entries. A synth heavy distorted reality that makes you come to terms with who you are and what you've done.

8. Soccer Mommy – 'Clean'

Sometimes it's nice to have a soundtrack that makes your mundane life feel like a cute B movie. Once you throw on your headphones the grey skies don't look so bland after all, theres something about them like a filter just appeared and now you can stomach to look up. What resonates the most is that Soccer Mommy is a friend to you throughout the album. Sometimes you can't say things, you're too tired or just don't have the courage. All the things you can't muster up to say in real life Soccer Mommy has the guts to say for you.

7. SOPHIE - Oil Of Every Pearl's Un-Insides

Sophie's 'Oil Of Every Pearl's Un-Insides' gave me some fucking hope. All of us who existed in 2018 experienced the shit that it was. But Sophie took that gloom away, with hyper electronic production and reminded you that there was something to be celebrated. Even if you couldn't see it at first, Oil Of Every Pearl's Un-Insides' made you find what makes you happy and made you appreciate it.

6. Let’s Eat Grandma – I’m All Ears

'I’m All Ears' sounds like music for Blade Runner if it were a real universe each time you traveled past each layer of the world you would hear this album. You aren't traveling in an unknown world though, because you understand where you are even though it looks off.

5. Janelle Monáe – Dirty Computer

Okay, Brian Wilson, Zoe Kravits and Pharell Williams were your features?! The cleverness from that alone deserves to be at the top of the charts. Janelle Monae was so thoughtful with this album, every little detail just melds together. Fans get experimental electronic jams to playful R n' B bops throughout the album. The versatility of it makes it one of the a few albums left today that is truly meant to listen from start to finish.

4. Pusha-T - 'Daytona'

If you know you know. That's not only a fire track from Pusha T's album 'Daytona' it is truly a testament to this albums impact on culture this year. Forget about the beefs, Pusha T is a master at calling on moments of history and cultivating beautiful rhyme schemes with them. From Diddy's rise to fame to Russian czar's. My personal favorite is 'Santeria' a song challenging decisions we make based on power and the forgiveness and faith that we need to succeed.

3. Kali Uchis - 'Isolation'

VAMOS COLOMBIA. Sorry not to brag but we do export pop sensations. ANYWAY! Blend 1970's bass, 1990's harmony and poetic 2000 sugar baby lyrics and you have Kali Uchi's 'Isolation'. This layered masterpiece has songs that make you sultry ass move with slowed down reggaton beats, high frequency 80's synth and beautiful piano pieces that make you contemplate why your with that loser.

2. Mitski - 'Be The Cowboy'

Nobody, nobody, nobody had a better indie album than Mitski's because sometimes we just crave attention and other times we make fun of strangers and wonder about their lives. Imagination is rampant in the album making it a whimsical listen. The story telling alone makes you wish you we're that cleverly poignant in your own conversations.

1. Cardi B - 'Invasion of Privacy'

Invasion of 'Privacy' Turn on the radio and you know who it is, with hits like 'I Like It' and 'Bodak Yellow' how can you not respect the woman at the top of the rap game?! You know why Cardi B's 'is at the top? Because she blended her latinx roots and the current climate to create an album that is completely representative of popular culture. That IMPACT is on another level!!! Hate all you want 'Invasion of 'Privacy' left it's mark in music history.

And last but not least, my honorable mentions! As my loyal readers will know (LMAO) every year I can't compile just 10 albums I love so my neurotic ass has to mention all the albums that I cried to, laughed with and sang at the top of my lungs. These albums all come with a flood of memories and iconic pop culture moments.

Mariah Carey - 'Caution'

Tell your ex to get the fuck out and turn this album on for a solo hair curling session.

CupcakKe - 'Ephorize'

After you curl your hair and you're doing shots in the bathroom, this better be at full volume.

Kacey Musgraves - 'Golden Hour'

Grab your rhinestone belt because you'll be dancing at the nightclub all night- bell bottoms also required. Waterproof mascara is a must, cause Kecey will test your strength.

Kids See Ghosts - 'Kids See Ghosts'

When your trying to go to sleep at 4AM and contemplating life's mysteries load a bowl and write down those dreams, manifest baby.

Bbymutha - 'Muthaz Day'

Still a little angry about the toxic people you cut out of your life? Process all that angry and dance it out with Bbymutha's clever reads.

Noname – 'Room 25'

Okay now it's time to let go, so light the incense and think on the things you want.

Teyana Taylor – 'K.T.S.E.'

Everyone needs a soundtrack for the moments they climbing up to the top. Teyana is here to hype you up and remind you that thought it' tough it will all be worth it in the end.

Robyn – 'Honey'

In your feels but you swear you can't cry anymore meet Robyn's 'Honey' your welcome.

Mac Miller - 'Swimming'

No mater how many times you fell down there was always a hand right there to lift you up.

Hayley Kiyoko - 'Expectations'

It's hard to face who you really are to the core, celebrate what makes you - you.

Tierra Whack - 'Whack World'

Embrace the inner monologue and show it to the world.

J Balvin - 'Vibras'

Life's simple pleasures go unnoticed too often, stop and shake your ass with the flowers every once and while.

Ariana Grande - 'Sweetener'

A tale of reflection, true humbleness and working through trauma. YOU ARE STRONGER THAN YOU'LL EVER KNOW.

Rico Nasty - 'Nasty'

They really fucking thought huh? Don't worry, Rico understands the pains of people on your jock.

Travis Scott - 'Astroworld'

This is 2019 energy at it's finest, grab a plate throw it at the wall and go the fuck off. New year new me right? Let them know what's up and let the world hear you. We're celebrating all year.

Parquet Courts - 'Wide Awake'

Nostalgia without the smell of your dads basement records. Stay in your pajamas all day and pretend to b the rockstar you saw on tv.

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