Babes Around Town

BIG GIG WEEKEND ALERT, BABES! My, oh my there are some sweeeeet lineups slated for this weekend!! We'll see YOU in the pit!


At Lovecitylove

⏃ re-boîte ⏃

At Scream Seattle

Scream for Queer Art!

At Sonic Boom Records

Weep Wave "S.A.D" Record Release Show

At Chop Suey

Antonioni EP RELEASE/ Salt Lick/ Velvet Q


At The Greenhouse

Emma Lee Toyoda, Izumi, Depressica, Pickle Boy :-)

At Lo-Fi, Victory Lounge, and Black Lodge

DMM, MT.TV & SoundGig Presents Seattle Freeze Fest

We're gonna have some fun on Friday night!!!!! Anyone who's anyone is either playing this big ol' fest or attending it. Weep Wave, Don Forgetti, Salt Lick, and Beverly Crusher, plus many others will be there to shred! Get 2 the gig!! --HALEY

At Tacoma Dome Wallingford

Iji, yipee (az), anime creek, tristan jemsek

At Woodland Theater

Space Daze / Battery Point / Blankouts

The Central Saloon

2nd Annual Seattle World Tour: The Central [Night 4]

At Chop Suey

Retro Remix: 80's, 90's, & 2000's Dance Party


At Brunch Box

Baywitch // SmackTalk // Meanderthals // Plan B

Head on up to the U-District to enjoy an array of genre bending music! The eclectic bunch is made up of one of my favorite local bands, Baywitch! Excited to see Smacktalk's debut in my eyes and enjoy mathrockers Meanderthals and can't forget to mention Seattle's best kept secret Plan B. --SASHA

At Seattle University - Campion Hall

KXSU Winterfest 19

So... this lineup is stacked. KXSU booked La Fille, Coach Phillips, i///u, and DONORMAAL! If that's not enough to get you to this show, all the money raised by tickets sales will go to Peace for the Streets by Kids from the Streets, an organization that helps the homeless youth of Seattle and in case you didn't notice, there are tons of them and they all need support! This is the perfect opportunity to see some fantastic artists and help a very worthy cause! --HALEY

At The Vera Project

SoundGig Presents- Remember Sports // Pllush

At Easy Street Records

Red Ribbon In-Store!

At Alternative Library

DVSAS Benefit 2: TresLeches /PorchCat /PowerStrip /SweetCreature

At The Crocodile

Fluung at The Back Bar

At Neumos

Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen Inspired Dance Party

At Columbia City Theater

2nd Annual Seattle World Tour: Columbia City Theater [night 5]


At The Showbox


At The Vera Project

Bridal Party

At Chop Suey

EP RELEASE!! Porter Ray, JusMoni, Bruce Leroy, Nate Jackson

Best New Music

Sometimes ya just need a song that fits underneath your fuzzy blanket and hold you the way you need to be touched. Laying there vulnerable and lonely but aching for companionship in any form. Angelo De Augustines hush tone voice sings as a low sunken lullaby. Almost as if your in Angelo's arms being rocked to sleep. The technical aspect of the song is beyond belief because Angelo is so skilled in playing guitar. If you need to take some time away, listen. --SASHA

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