The Signs as Freeze Fest Bands

In case you were at an utter loss for who you should see at Seattle Freeze Fest tonight, let the stars guide your decision. Were you on the fence about which sets to catch on this star-studded lineup? Let your birth chart make that call!

Aries – Fluung

Aries, as a fire sign, you are energetic and passionate. You want to watch a set that embodies your need for excitement and adventure. Fluung are impossible to ignore and will give you just the fix you’re looking for.

Taurus- Senor Fin

Taurus, your roots are planted firmly within the soil that is logic and practicality. You’re not too fond of change and while Senor Fin push the barriers of what your average Indie Rock band is capable of, they’re also a safe bet when it comes to putting together the ideal set.

Gemini- Velvet Q

Darling Gemini, you come off so friendly and gentle, and you are. But you also have a ferocious side, just like Velvet Q. You’ll hear their cathartic screams from outside Black Lodge and you’ll just know that you’ve found your people.

Cancer- Salt Lick

Sweet, sensitive Cancer, you just want to dance, don’t ya? Salt Lick’s set is the perfect place for you. They’ll leave you feeling happy and content, you might even shed a tear over how great it is!

Leo- Beverly Crusher

Leo, you’re loud, you demand to be the center of attention, and you’re not afraid to break the rules. Beverly Crusher is the band for you! They’ve been receiving hype all across Seattle for their sweet guitar licks and you’d be a fool to miss it (we know you won’t, your FOMO won’t allow it).

Virgo- Mud On My Bra

Virgo, your deep attention to detail and slightly chaotic nature makes Mud On My Bra your band. They’re the punk garage band of your dreams and you could listen to each individual guitar note and drum beat over and over again. Plus, the Mud two-piece envokes some 90s nostalgia while bringing to the stage an energy that is completely their own.


Lovely Libra, you’re pretty much as peaceful and wholesome as it gets, thus SEACATS is the band for you! You can nod and sway along to their unparalleled musical arrangements.

Scorpio- Lady Krishna’s Cosmic Panties

Scorpio, you’ll feel right at home during Krishna’s performance at Lo-Fi because the Lady herself is a TRIPLE Scorpio! Talk about stars aligning!

Sagittarius- Peyote Ugly

Sagittarius, your natural curiosity will lead you straight to synth-psych trio Peyote Ugly. You’ll be dying to explore the space between the music as they expand and contract through their set. They’re a hidden gem on this necklace of a lineup and I know you would’ve sniffed them out even if I hadn’t recommended them!

Capricorn- Weep Wave

Capricorn, no matter what the job, you get it done. You’re the heavy-hitter. You’re who everyone turns to when the game is tied at the bottom of the ninth with runners in scoring position. You step up to the plate and you smack a solid base hit. Everyone knows they can rely on you to get the job done and the same can be said about Weep Wave. If you’re looking for a solid set that will move you and leave you satisfied, then look no further, Weep Wave is on its way to provide a kick-ass time!

Aquarius- Don Forgetti

Aquarius, you march to the beat of your own drum, and Math Rockers march to a beat that changes a couple times per song. It’s a match made in music heaven! Don Forgetti’s sound is unique, a bit unorthodox, and overall unforgettable, just like all the Aquarians out there!

Pisces- Fruit Juice

Pisces, you’re always finding yourself in the most random, spur of the moment situations. You’ll love Fruit Juice because that’s like the whole model behind their music. They find every opportunity for adventure in each one of their songs, and so do you. Honestly? Watching their set tonight will make a great story when they get really big!

Obviously, I couldn't include every band in this post, but be sure to check out as many of these fantastic bands as possible tonight at Seattle Freeze Fest!

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