Song of the Week: EXAMPLE - "All Night"

This weeks Song of the Week, was painfully hard to choose. From Kehlani's painfully honest story on heartbreak and new Taking Back heart was stuck between my teen self and my bi self. After careful consideration I decided to pick an upbeat piece for this week's win.

Elliot Gleave, better known by his stage name Example, is an English singer and songwriter signed to Epic Records and Sony Music. Example has been around the producing block for a minute. Which makes his latest single "All Night" all the better because it is very reminiscent of his earlier production in his debut album, "What We Made".

When I first heard Example's "All Night" I was suddenly wishing it wasn't a weekday. Then I got to thinking...who the fuck cares if it is a Tuesday. Is there a ban on week night fun that's in city ordinance that I am wilfully complying too? Obviously this seasonal affective disorder has kicked in a little too hard this year. That's why Example's track was more than a great party tune to dance around in your underwear too- it's an instant pick me up! Not to mention the homemade music video makes me feel like I'm watching a slumber party video from 2007.

Back to the track! "All Night" isn't just a great upbeat dance track to dance to, it's a testament to the memories you make with your friends out on the town. It doesn't matter if it's a packed Friday night out and your wallet is screaming at you to stop buying G and T's. It's for the nights there's nothing going on. So you cozy up to the same bar and let the same red dim light shine on you all. But it's more than just a familiar space...because all you need is each other to make the highs and lows worth celebrating.

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