Get To Know Me: Nic Masangkay

For our Get To Know Me playlist series we reach out to various musicians, artists, writers and tastemakers throughout the Seattle area in order to gain a better understanding of their personal inspirations, what music has formed their worldview and how it spurs them to keep Seattle's scenes thriving. In this edition of Get To Know Me, we will be exploring the mind of Nic Masangkay, local producer, song writer and performer.

Sasha Gonzalez: What are your pronouns?

Nic Masangkay: I use all pronouns, they / them as well.

What was your earliest music experience?

As a young kid growing up in New Jersey, my local Filipino auntie gave me piano lessons. Now I know many traditional Filipino songs on piano.

Have you always been musical since that point?

In 1st grade I was playing piano, I did band and I wanted to do choir, but I felt so conflicted by the way choir groups divided people by gender- it was intimidating. I didn’t sing publicly until 2017 but my family knew my love of music from an early age. I even wanted to be a Backstreet Boy.

OMG who didn't?! Either you wanna be them or you wanna f*ck them right?


Why did you start singing publicly in 2017?

I started out producing and then after noticing I loved the music I was creating, I tried out my own style and sang. I had my first show at Gay City and just took a chance. I remember thinking either people are going to love this or hate it and if they hate it I'll stop. But I'm still here.

How did your friends and family handle transitioning to a performer?

They were all super supportive! They had seen me be interested in music for years so it was cool to see me take that leap. In other ways they were worried too. The pressure to being successful was there on both sides.

Our parents sacrifice so much for us to be have opportunity.

Exactly. We want to make them proud.

So what is your music process?

I’m in bed producing and it’s my normal. Many producers say you need fancy equipment and standing tables but as a disabled artist I feel comfort doing it in my own space.

Why did you chose to produce and write pop music?

Pop is discounted to a lot of people and I love how it embraces popular culture. I think a lot of underground marginalized experiences are reflected in pop music.

Are producing Nic and performer Nic two different people?

Definitely. There are different sides for sure. I wouldn’t produce the music I make for someone else and sing to it.

You live within two creative beings.

Mhmm it's interesting to create that way.

What do you think you bring to the scene?

I think my music is rooted in social justice and it's accessible so people can relate to it. People who usually make pop music use buzz words in their music and it waters it down. My brand of pop is a lot more detailed.

What is one thing you'd like fans to take away from watching your performance?

For the people who are fans and see me regularly I would say I hope you have a friend on stage. To leave knowing it’s okay to own my story. I like the saying, "trust your struggle." For strangers, I want them to listen to stories like these, expose themselves to other queer artists and to know that is their responsibility to expose themselves to different voices.

How do you think the local music scene has helped or hindered your career?

I’ve felt very welcome by QTPOC, most shows I’ve played everyone’s humble. No matter genre. I have felt love all around.

What can fans expect from you in 2019?

My new EP coming out in June as well as a multi media musical put on at Gay City, May 10 - 11, 24th and 25th.

What are you hoping for 2019?

I hope to reach new audiences, stability and sustainability.

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with 2 creative entities inside.

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